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Ages: 12+ 

PBLZ are super strong magnets wrapped in soft, textured silicone. They are highly addictive as well as stress relieving. You can’t put these down! Each PBLZ is unique in size, shape and texture. Feel the different textures, sense the magnetic force between your fingers as you manipulate PBLZ in your hand.

  • Textured and tactile
  • Washable
  • Collectible 
  • Fun for kids and kidults

Key Features: 

  • 10 magnets with different textures, and 2 shades of color (Ex. dark blue & light blue)

  • Great hands-on play

  • A great silent toy to keep their hands busy, and their minds active.

Educational Aspects:

  • PBLZ is a great item, and it does different things for different people. Whether it’s the multiple textures or sorting them by color.

“PBLZ is something I’m constantly picking up and having trouble putting down. I’m either rubbing my thumb over each texture, or sorting them by color. Come check them out!” - Jonathan, Rochester Hills Toyologist

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