Wall Climbing Car



Ages: 8+

Using vacuum suction technology the Wall Climber can be used on walls, windows and even the ceiling!

A zero gravity remote control car is not only cool but causes endless fun too. Simply turn your walls into a race track and remember to take a sharp turn around them picture frames.

Key Features:

    • The Thumbs Up Wall Climbing Car can defy gravity and zoom up your walls without leaving any marks!
  • Easily switch from the floor setting to the wall setting with a single switch

  • Charge the car with the attached charger cord inside the remote. This means you won’t have to try to remember which cord will charge the car.

  • Sleek design is a crowd pleaser for kids and adults.

Educational Aspects:

  • The wall climbing car is not only fun, but also great for hand eye coordination.

  • You control where the car goes there is no cause and effect toy more fun on the market!

"The wall climbing car is the perfect gift to marvel your car loving kid, and parents will think it’s so awesome they too will want a turn too!" - Elyse, Toyologist 

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