Wacky Race Obstacle Course



Ages 3+

  • Entertaining race set with 6 obstacles for families to play together or against another family
  • Need a minimum of 2 players on each team to race
  • To play: find a large grassy area and line up one of each obstacle, spaced out about 7-10 feet apart, in 2 rows
  • Obstacle games include:
    • Hop Sacks – players must stand inside a sack to hop
    • Nose Nudge – Each player uses their nose to nudge an inflatable ball
    • Water Transfer Helmet – Players pour water from one cup on a helmet to another
    • 3 Legged Race – 2 players lock legs to race together
    • Wizzy Dizzy – Player places their forehead on a wooden dowel stake in the ground to spin before running
    • Knee Walkers – Player walks as fast as possible holding a stick in place between their knees
    • Optional obstacle: Player balances an inflatable ball on 2 wooden dowels as they run
  • Race set includes:
    • 2 hop sacks
    • 2 inflatable balls
    • 2 helmets with cups attached
    • 2 elastic bands with velcro
    • 2 knee spacers
    • 4 wooden dowels
  • All obstacles can be stored inside of a hop sack

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