Dimpl Duo



Ages: 1+

Dimpl Duo is a product for 12-month-old children. It has great sensory features
and can be held in the child’s hands. It is made to teach colors and shapes.

The toy has a hard plastic frame and six rubber dimples. Each dimple is a different color. There is a shape in every one and the dimples themselves are meant to be pushed in and out with the child’s finger. There are words in Braille embossed on one side to match up with the shapes.

The plastic components are BPA free and the product itself can be easily cleaned. It will not cause problems if the child puts it in their mouth. If your child isn’t ready to learn colors or shapes yet, it’s still a great product that will keep them engaged.

Key Features:

  • It is a wonderful sensory toy for children ages 12 months and above with rubber dimples meant to be pushed in by the child’s finger.

  • There are shapes and colors on each of the six dimples intended for learning and Braille words embossed on one side that match the shapes.

  • It is BPA safe

Educational Aspects:

  • Visual and tactile features

  • Teaches shapes and colors

  • Introduces Braille words

"I love this simple toy because without overwhelming a baby, Dimpl Duo is a multi-colored sensory toy that teaches colors, shapes, and Braille." - Beth, Royal Oak Toyologist

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