Ribbon Ninja



Ages: 6+

Do you have what it takes to become a true Ribbon Ninja master?

Each player has three colorful ribbons attached to his or her wristband. The rules are simple: Snatch your opponents' ribbons before they snatch yours.

Lunge, grab, and dodge as quickly and cleverly as you can - The last ninja standing with at least one ribbon left wins the game!

Easy to learn yet challenging to master, Ribbon Nina is a fast-paced adventure that's sure to keep everyone active and on their toes.

  • Active game of trying to snatch your opponents' ribbons before they snatch yours
  • Encourages active play, coordination, strategy, quick thinking
  • Active fun that's sure to keep everyone on their toes
  • Everyone gets 3 ribbons of his or her own color
  • Place 2 ribbons on one hand, 1 on the other
  • If all ribbons are taken from one hand, put that hand behind your back
  • Last ninja standing with at least one ribbon left wins the game
  • Includes 6 wristbands, 18 ribbons in 6 colors
  • Detailed game rules and instructions included
  • High-quality materials - Lasting durability, exceptional game-play experience

Key Features:

  • Great for kids and adults that like to be active!
  • Great for large or small groups.

  • Get this game before they’re all gone!

Educational Aspects:

  • Both of these games are great with helping kids develop multiple skills. From hand-eye coordination to understanding inertia and cause and effect.
  • These kinds of games appeal to such a wide variety or kids and adults. You don’t have to be athletic to be able to play, being active is.

"I seriously can’t believe how fast I’m selling these. It’s such a cool concept, I wish I had thought of!" - Jonathan, Rochester Hills Toyologist

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