SlimyGloop SlimySand Bucket 1 (pink)



Ages: 3+

  • STRETCHES & EXPANDS: Stretches like slime, but molds like sand SLIMYSAND stretches & expands
  • TACTILE, SENSORY PLAY: Crush, stretch, mold and impress ready-made SLIMYSAND for a cool sensory experience.
  • EXTENDED PLAY: Use stamps, molds, rollers and sand toys to play all day Build it up, then knock it down; mold it and stretch it; roll and marbleize it
  • STRESS RELIEVING, FINE MOTOR PLAY: Sit back, relax & strengthen fine motor skills through stretching, squeezing, squishing and molding
  • THE PERFECT GIFT: A sandisfying gift for all ages
  • CONTENTS: 1. 5 lbs. - Pink SLIMYGLOOP SLIMYSAND in a Reusable Bucket
  • COLLECT THEM ALL: Blue, Pink

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