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Ages: 6+

It’s a new, unique and exciting addition to the centuries-old family favorite Jigsaw Puzzle! The 844 pieces included are designed with an innovative DNA technology that has the ability to create a MILLION plus puzzles all within your 1 puzzle! Download the FREE Jigpix Puzzle App to take Jigpix to another level! Jigpix Free Puzzle App will convert your photo and re-assign all of the 844 pieces in your box, turning the photo DNA into your new pixelated puzzle! It’s the ONLY puzzle where you can create a different image every time! SPECIAL BONUS! Includes 4 Cute Animal Puzzles! 

Key Features:

  • This product allows you to turn any photo into a puzzle. Portraits are the best as far as choosing.

  • Using the App compatible with your Apple or Android phone, a photo will become a unique numbered map.

  • Once you find the right numbers, the puzzle can be created.

Educational Aspects:

  • JigPix teaches cooperative skills.

  • It teaches strategic reasoning skills to recognize numbers and put them together to create a puzzle.

“This will be a huge hit with the family at Thanksgiving and holidays to come; a portrait puzzle of a loved one or a favorite pet will have everyone wanting a piece of the puzzle.” - Beth, West Bloomfield Toyologist

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