Swingball 5 in 1



Ages: 4+

Using a ball, a base that doubles as a carrying case, and a few simple parts, this unique set allows kids to play an exciting variety of fun and challenging games wherever they go.

Paddle and try to get the ball to swing around and around with the classic Swingball. Set up the Y-shaped net for a quick game of volleyball or grab the paddles for a challenging game of Tailball.

Or, lower the pole for a fun soccer-themed version of Swingball - Or, use the net as a goal for a game of Fling Disc.

With so many ways to play, boredom is simply impossible!

Play actively, endlessly with the 5-in-1 Multi Play set.

5 in 1 Multi Play

  • Unique play set that transforms into 5 different active play activities
  • Encourages active play, gross motor skills, coordination, exercise, outdoor play
  • Easily transforms to play Tailball, swingball, volleyball, soccer swingball, or fling disc
  • All the parts can be packed away inside the base
  • Pole is height-adjustable - Comfortable for kids and adults
  • Base features carrying handle for taking it with you to the park or beach
  • Everything is included
  • High-quality materials and construction - Lasting durability

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