SlimyGloop SlimySand Sweet Treats



Ages: 5+

  • Sand that stretches, molds, and takes shape: take a big grip of slimygloopslimysand and begin gripping and molding your sand into any form or shape you desire
  • Fun sensory experience: squish, twist, stretch, and squeeze ready-made slimygloopslimysand for an unmatched sensory experience
  • No mess: slimygloopslimysand is hassle-free easy to clean up — just PLAY inside the box with your included play tray
  • Therapeutic: the activity of Squishing and squeezing creates a calming effect that relieves stress while strengthening fine motor skills
  • Reusable: Store in the reusable bags included to keep your slimygloopslimysand from drying out

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