Auto Moto Transforming Robot Car



Ages: 8+

"Odyssey presents the Auto Moto, a 2-in-1 transforming toy that changes shape before your eyes. Let’s face it - a toy robot is pretty cool to play with. But one that can transform into a sporty race car at the simple push of a button is even cooler. One minute it’s a futuristic robot that walks, spins and stomps all over the room. Then the very next minute, it turns into a sleek radio-controlled car that zooms across the floor!"

Key Features:

  • Only 2 AA batteries

  • Transforms from a slick car to a cool robot

  • Voice controlled

Educational Aspects:

  • Kids can learn and understand the cause and effect of driving the car and using the voice commands to transform it.

  • Promotes independent play.

"What’s better than a voice-controlled robot car? Nothing!" - Jonathan, Rochester Hills Toyologist

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