Djubi Dartball



Ages: 8+

  • Prove Your Skills In This Competition By Being The First To Tally 500 Dartball Points For The Win
  • Fire Djubi Balls Off The Dart Ball Mini Launcher With Speed And Precision That Will Make Your Competition Sweat And Rally A Crowd
  • Great For The Beach, Park, Backyard And Can Be Used For Fantastic Fun When Tailgating
  • Set Includes 2 Djubi Mini Launchers, 6 Djubi Small Balls, 1 Target Net, 1 Score Board With Wipe Off Market Pen
  • Prove your skills in this competition by being the first to tally 500 Dartball points for the win
  • Fire Djubi balls off the Dart Ball mini launcher with speed and precision that will make your competition sweat and rally a crowd
  • Great for the beach, park, backyard and can be used for fantastic fun when tailgating
  • Set includes 2 Djubi mini launchers, 6 Djubi small balls, 1 Target net, 1 score board with wipe off market pen

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