Game Zone Action Soccer



Ages: 4+

Working on soccer skills? Action Soccer from Game Zone allows you to practice making goals without the need of a goalie! It moves side to side up to three feet to help you work on your aim and control. Action Soccer can be used indoor or outdoor, on a variety of surfaces, making it easy to practice your skills anytime! Since Action Soccer acts as a goalie as well, there’s no need to practice with another person! If you would like to practice with someone else, the different modes allow you to play with some friendly competition!

Key Features: 

  • Can be used indoor or outdoor

  • Built-in beginner and advanced modes

  • Can be played solo or with others

Educational Aspects: 

  • Helps strengthen gross motor skills

  • Helps with coordination

  • Can be catered to your skill level

I love that a child doesn’t need another person to practice their soccer skills with Action Soccer! - Leah, Toyologist

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