Halftoys Stegosaurus Model Set

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Ages: 4+

Designed with fun in mind, this dino-shaped 3D puzzle is a pocket-sized desk ornament that instantly sparks curiosity. T-Rex is a great companion for inquisitive minds of all ages, held together by magnets and interlocking parts. This model also comes with pieces to assemble a colorful diorama that serves as T-rex’s home.

Perfect For Kids: Halftoys models were designed to help children build their motor and problem-solving skills. Whether you have a child in your life who is always curious about the world, loves puzzles, tells imaginative stories, or everything in between, this model encourages families to spend quality time together.

A Brainstorming Buddy For Adults: Indulge your inner kid. Fidget spinners and cubes had their day, but an adorable dinosaur is definitely cuter to look at. Because this model easily dismantles and reassembles, it’s perfect for those moments when you need a mindless task to release stress or lift a creative mental block. The best part? It can fit pretty much anywhere!

Pocket Sized With High-Quality MaterialsTake the fun on the road. Every dino model is about 3-4 inches and easily fits in a bag, backpack, or pocket. Are you a little clumsy or do you have an energetic child? Each model is as highly durable as the plastic building blocks from your childhood, and magnets ensure that the model stays together.

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