Hoosker Doosker Tug of War

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Ages: 6+

Includes 2 Giant Feet and 1 Super-Long Rope. To play, set the Giant Feet about 6 feet, or 2 meters, or 0.114 miles, or one tall dude laying down apart. No need to measure exactly - rely on the mathematical genius in your group to guess the measurement. (Just don't believe their fishing stories!) Now set the Super-Long Rope between the 2 Giant Feet with an end near each Giant Foot. Set the Super-Long Rope up so there won't be any knots when it is pulled straight. Knots are bad! (Unless you are tying the knot with the one you love.) Game Play: This is a 2 player contest where the first to win 3 games is declared the WINNER of the round. To play, opposing players pick up an end of the Super-Long Rope and balance on one foot on top of their Giant Foot. At this point, the best players put on their game faces and work hard to psyche out their opponent. (Once my grandma knocked me off my Giant Foot with nothing more than an ugly, mean, scary look.) After both players agree that they are totally ready as they balance on their Giant Foot pedestal with their Super-Long Rope in hand, one yells "HOOSKER" and the fun begins! Players pull their end of the Super-Long Rope as fast as they can - eliminating the slack in the middle - and the Tug-o-War to end all Tug-o-Wars begins. Your objective - get your smelly, ill-mannered foe to fall o their Giant Foot pedestal or to drop their end of the Super-Long Rope. Yank them off , make them lose their balance, do whatever it takes! Winners don't come to the end of their rope! Winners don't put their foot down! Winners don't fall from their position of power high up on their elevated Giant Foot pedestal! Winners don't whine like little babies! Winners make Losers! You don't want to be a Loser - Win!

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