Kindergarten Scholar



Ages: 5-7

Learning comes in all shapes and sizes. This workbook challenges children with language arts, math science, and social studies problems. Along the way, they’ll learn about fractions, maps and even concepts like food groups and recycling. Although the workbook covers a lot of subjects, it’s focused on building a strong foundation for reading and math skills. Pick up a copy and turn your kindergartner into a scholar today!

Fun Features & Big Benefits

  • Playful, full-color page format
  • Tear-out pages for easy individual worksheets
  • “Try it!” lessons on every page for added fun
  • Hours of games and quizzes
  • Flexible, thick-coated cover
  • Clear, detailed instructions on every page
  • Parent Note inside front cover
  • Activities to Share inside back cover
  • Affordable learning


  • shapes
  • counting
  • patterns
  • colors
  • graphs
  • telling time
  • money
  • measurement
  • matching colors, comparing sizes
  • identifying opposites
  • visual discrimination
  • drawing
  • maps
  • half and whole
  • rhyming words
  • alphabet
  • alphabetical order
  • beginning sounds
  • prepositions
  • recycling
  • food groups
  • animal babies
  • rainbows
  • address & telephone number

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