Loopdedoo Spinning Loom



Ages: 8+

Finally. A way to make friendship jewelry that's fast and fun.

Just load up the Loopdedoo spinning loom with some threads and twist away. Create a bracelet in only a few minutes. No intricate or repetitive weaving, no diagrams, no heavy concentration and no complicated measuring.

Fun to wear and fun to shareDesign your own bracelets and make them in minutes!Makes bracelets, necklaces, headbands, belts, zipper pulls and more.

So many amazing things to make! With the Loopdedoo, and our high-end cotton threads, you can make all of them quickly and with excellent lasting quality too.

Unleashes creativity.

With the speedy Loopdedoo, kids spend their time being creative. No pattern required; each design is unique to your child. Thick or thin, colorful or monochromatic, embellished or subtle. Your child decides. And they can experiment with other materials too; ribbon, twine, hemp, cording, yarns, or even strips of old t-shirts. So many possibilities your head will spin!

Add-on kits. More ways to Loopdedoo.

We also offer special Loopdedoo kits to make even more accessories; interchangable necklaces, stretchy colorful headbands and chain-link bracelets. Plus separate refill packs of thread as well as beautiful harmonizing metallic threads and easy-add bracelet charms.

The Loopdedoo loom comes with an instruction booklet, and we encourage you to watch our online videos to help your child get started. Once you get the hang of it, the Loopdedoo is exceptionally fast and simple. No batteries required.

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