Numbers 1-12 K-1 Ages 4-6



Ages: 4-6

Help your kindergartener or first grader build a solid foundation for math success. All the “big” numbers begin right here. This Numbers 1-12 workbook helps master the basics for children to build on. Little learners establish important early math skills, including counting, number sequencing, and number words. This workbook introduces the numbers 1 to 12 with clear instructions, enjoyable activities, and large, playful illustrations.

Fun Features & Big Benefits

  • Parent Guide inside front cover
  • Activities to Share inside back cover
  • Award certificate for completion
  • Convenient, take-anywhere size


  • tracing
  • counting
  • numbers 1-12
  • writing numbers
  • number words
  • matching
  • rows and columns
  • writing numbers
  • following directions

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