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Ages: 6+

Each player has two dice they roll until someone gets a pair and whoever rolls a pair has to then find a matching pair of Critter Cards. Once they’ve collected their pair of Critter Cards, they pick their dice back up and keep rolling. Each player must roll a pair on their dice before collecting a pair of Critter Cards. The first player to collect five pairs of Critter Cards, shouts “PAIRZI” and wins the game! In keeping with the theme of the Carma Games range, there are many game variations including two decks of cards for super-fast games or more challenging games.

Key Features:

  •  Find the most matching pairs of Critter Cards to win!

  •  Created by the same guys who brought you the extraordinarily popular and award-winning games TENZI, SLAPZI, and ITZI.

  • See inside instructions for 5 different PAIRZI games including PUSHOUT PAIRZI, SNAKE EYES PAIRZI, and PARTNER PAIRZI. You can even come up with your own fun, fast ways to play! 

Educational Aspects:

  • Great for learning team building

  • Be creative and come up with your own game

"Pairzi is the new Tenzi!" -Ben, Royal Oak Toyologist

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