Playstix Master Set



Ages: 4+

It's no secret that today's children demand more realism in their playthings. This can be a challenge for construction toys whose finished models might not live up to those expectations. Enter PLAYSTIX MASTER SET, for those builders who expect more! We've added twenty new detailed pieces including an engine, bumpers, wings, racing seat, real rubber tires and tracks, bulldozer bucket, revolving steering wheel and propeller, radar unit, and laser gun all designed to make your models more enjoyable to look at and more fun to play with!


120 Playstix pieces - 26 yellow, 25 light blue, 18 purple, 10 red, 15 dark blue, 10 green, 6 orange

21 Master pieces - 2 tracks, 4 wheels, 1 tool, 1 seat, 1 radar, 2 bumpers, 1 laser gun, 1 engine, 1 propeller, 1 bucket, 1 steering wheel, 3 small wings, 2 large wings

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