Rescue Squad Ladder Truck



Ages: 3+

  • PLAY WITH POWER! Either building them or watching them go, you control the power – Power Drivers!
  • PREMIUM QUALITY! Durable material with sure-fit parts for endless assemble and disassembly play. Thick rugged wheels and vehicle sounds.
  • EASY TO USE! Kid Friendly tool play and simple Remote Control, Fast Response. No Antenna needed!
  • COLLECT THEM ALL! 12 Vehicles Available in 4 different categories: Builders, Police Rescue, Fire Rescue, and City Sanitation

Key Features: 

  • Deconstruct and reconstruct the vehicles

  • STEM powered

  • Learn how to use play power tools.

  • They will have so much fun rescuing all those in need!

Educational Aspects:

  • This product will help develop fine motor skills, by being able to learn how to use a wrench and a drill. 

  • The imaginative play aspect of using the vehicles by pushing it or using the remote control will bring a smile to the child's face as they save the day!

“What I love about this product is that there are so many ways to play with it, build it and just have fun while playing as the everyday heroes of today!” - Jason, Bloomfield Hills Toyologist

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