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Ages: 17+

Risky Itzi is a must have for any game lover. It’s simple, fun, and a little….naughty.

Risky Itzi is the newest game from Tenzi aimed towards adults. Everyone is dealt 5 double-sided cards with 4 random letters on them. Then a clue card is flipped over, and you need to be the first to lay a card down with a letter that matches the clue. Example.

Clue card- “It’z a body parts you have two of”. If you have a card that has a B, E, L, F you could lay it down and shout out the answer.

The first person to get rid of all 5 of their cards wins that round! It’s a simple game, a fast game, and an easy travel game.

Key Features:

  • Great for large groups of people because you can play from 2-8 people!
  • Contains more than 100 clue cards, and 75 letter cards keeping the game an instant favorite

  • This is a great game for a friend or loved one that possibly has a dark side.

Educational Aspects:

  • You can learn a lot about your friends from playing this game.

This is definitely the game you want if you’re looking to shake things up at Thanksgiving or Christmas! - Jonathan, Rochester Hills Toyologist

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