Sling Stix

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Ages: 6+ 

"Sling Stix looks like no other toss-and-catch toy. To Play, aim the suction cup and grab onto the incoming ball. The soft flexible suction cup head grabs on and holds the ball in place! To throw, simply press the release trigger and give the ball a fling. The lever arm lets you throw for long distances with ease. Now you've got a futuristic way to play toss and catch and create your own games. This revolutionary product is a true game changer!"

Key Features:

  1. Sling Stix is a unique suction cup-powered toss-and-catch toy for ages six and up.
  2. It is perfect for the backyard, basement, beach, pool, or park!
  3. You can play it solo or with a partner.
  4. It has a great price point and high play value.

Educational Aspects:

  1. Great for developing hand-eye coordination
  2. Encourages cooperative play and independent play
  3. Fun way to get kids active indoors and outdoors all year round

"What I love about Sling Stix is that it is so unique to any other toss-and-catch toy out there!" - Stephanie, Royal Oak Toyologist 

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