Spooner: Freestyle



Ages: 3+

**Sold individually/ Colors may vary**

The Spooner Freestyle Model is the perfect introductory balance board for your future Tony Hawk or Shaun White. Although both Spooner models are suitable for all ages, we recommend the Freestyle for kids under 4ft tall. (around 3-8 years) This board is slightly shorter and lighter than the Pro making it more managable for smaller riders. The centered spoon shape allows for easy balancing, rocking, twisting, walking, and spinning.

  • Trick tips and instructions included
  • Unbreakable High Quality Contruction Made In USA Guaranteed for Lifetime Fun
  • Improves Gross Motor Skill, Coordination, & Balance
  • Comfortable with or without shoes.
  • Perfect tool for learning skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding techniques
  • Griptape for non – slip

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