Squap 2



Ages: 6+

Looking to be the hero of any party you go to? Look no further, because Squap is your answer! Squap is a 2 player game, where you get 2 pop paddles, 4 plastic balls, and nonstop fun.

Squap is a great game for kids and adults. It helps with hand-eye coordination and with the plastic balls being so light, you can do this indoors or outdoors! It’s so easy to play! All you do is open to pop and launch and Snap it shut to catch the ball. This is a great game to travel with as well because of how light and compact it is.

Key Features

  • This is a fun game to have handy on perfect sunny days, or gloomy inside days!
  • Squap is perfect for traveling with because of how slim and light it is.
  • Easy to learn, and nonstop fun all day and night

"This is one of the best outdoor games we sell. Easily in my top 3!"

- Jonathan, Rochester Hills Toyologist

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