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Product Description

STAX are insane magnetic building blocks designed for kids and adults or any and all ages. Each set comes with 28 pieces and 1 magnetic tray in an array of matching colors. By building over the proper polarity of the magnetic base tray, the magnets in the blocks support themselves, meaning there's no limit to what you can build and create.

Product Details.  -- DRY ERASE STAX comes with 4 dry- erase markers --> great to pracitce spelling words, letters and numbers 

  • Materials Plastic, Magnets
  • Measurements 2"L x 5"W x 6.75"H
  • OriginImported

— 12 x Squares (1" x 1")
— 8 x Equilateral Triangles (1" x 1")
— 4 x Right Triangles (1.35" x 1")
— 4 x Acute Triangles (2.35" x 1")
— 1 x Magnetic Tray

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