Ages: 8+

Tapple is a fast-paced, award winning, race against the clock game! Tapple comes with 36 category cards and the travel-friendly Tapple wheel. Pick a category from one of the 144 categories and while taking turns with your opponent, list words that go along with your category. Each time you correctly identify something within your category, press the letter on the Tapple wheel that starts with your word. Be fast though, you only have 10 seconds per turn. For example, if your category is actors, take turns naming actors and press the letter that your actor starts with. Tapple’s new and improved version has more categories to keep the fun going even longer!

There are many ways to play Tapple. Use it as an icebreaker at a party or use the Tapple wheel without the category cards and use the letters on the Tapple wheel to describe a VIP at an event or gathering. Tapple has many ways to play to get your kids learning while having fun. You can practice spelling, reading and writing, teamwork and quick thinking while playing Tapple with the kids!

Key Features:

  • Multiple ways to play to fit anyone and any situation
  • Travel friendly; you can store the cards inside the Tapple wheel!
  • New and improved version has even more categories

Educational Aspects:

  • Reading & Writing: Turn off the timer! For kids who are still learning to read and write, pick a category, and give them time to think of a word that starts with a letter in each category. Have them go around the whole wheel and think of a word for each letter.
  • Spelling: Try to spell a word in 10 seconds! Pick a word and have your student or child try to spell it within the 10 second time frame. If spelling is still new, turn off the timer and have them press down the buttons as they spell for more interactive fun.
  • Quick Thinking: Try to think of two words in a category that start with the SAME letter every time you push a letter down.
  • Teamwork: Play Tapple in teams. Separate your group into two teams. When one player from a team wins a round, the whole team gets the point. Give everyone a chance to work together and promote good teamwork & sportsmanship.

    And of course, you can always play Tapple classic style since it’s already fast word fun for everyone.

"I love a game that comes with multiple ways to play because you’ll never get bored with it!" - Leah, Content Manager

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