Tempting Treats Scratch and Sniff disc



Ages: 4+

With 15 bright, cute, food-themed scenes, Melissa & Doug's Scratch and Sniff Sticker Pads are a sweet way for kids to design their own fun, exciting scenes. From a park to a bay to a chocolate volcano, each Tasty Treats scene is themed around a different type of food. Includes over 220 stickers! Ages 4 +.


220+ stickers with 5 different food scents
15 colorful scene pages

Skill Building

As they pinch and grip the stickers, peel them from the sheets, and apply them to the pages, children will perfect their fine motor skills. They will develop visual and spatial perception skills as they decide which stickers will fit each scene. Kids will also improve their language and speech skills as they read about the different scenes of the book and articulate their designs.

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