Twister Tracks Race Series 360



Ages: 3+ 

Includes 9.5 Feet of Standard Flexible Track and 3.5 Feet of Loop Track for a total of 13 feet of Neon Glow Track and One Light-Up Emergency Series Car.The flexible, detachable tracks allow kids to easily change the direction and shape of the raceway for the light-up cars--their minds will race with all the possible combinations! They'll flip for the 360-degree, anti-gravity stunt loop that takes this car for a ride upside down. Then, turn out the lights and see how the colorful tracks glow in the dark when illuminated by the vehicle. Gift or bring home this interactive set that will light up the room and a child's imagination.

Why your kids will love them:

  1. Always able to make something new
  2. Glows in the dark
  3. Group play or solo play

Educational Aspect:

  1. Stimulates children’s imagination
  2. Hands-on creativity
  3. Fine motor development

Key Features

  1. Glow in the Dark
  2. Light Up Cars
  3. Unlimited Track Combinations
  4. Hands-On
  5. Creativity

"The only tough decision is if you would rather have the emergency vehicles or the race car vehicles. All light up and illuminate the track to glow in the dark using a black light on the rear bumper.:

- Jon, Cheif Toyologist

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