Ugears STEM Lab Pendulum



Ages 8+

The UGears Pendulum set is a perfect illustration of a common element of mechanical clocks. They are used as a part of a launch mechanism and their key role is to provide a steady pace for the gear mechanism. Pendulums are also used in a wide range of fields, from seismography to music, and this is what makes assembling this multi-functional set so exciting.

The Pendulum set consists of the following elements: Escapement Wheel, Needle Indicator, Pendulum with an Anchor, and Pendulum Bob. In the heart of this set is a rubber band that both powers the mechanism and compensates for the kinetic energy loss. The force of gravity together with the tension force of the rubber band affect the amplitude oscillation which illustrates the working principle of any pendulum mechanism. The oscillation’s frequency is controlled by means of the weight of the Pendulum Bob and the resistance in the rubber band, while the mechanism is started with the help of a wind-up wheel that is connected to a gear unit.

In order to assemble any set from the UGears STEM-lab series, you will need the following: a Pocket Model’s Study Guide, a beautiful illustrated Manual, wooden boards with pre-cut puzzle pieces, and some additional materials. All of this is included in the box, and all you need to do is get to work. To help you really focus on your project, you won’t need glue or anything else that is not included in the STEM-lab box.

Once the project is ready, you can sneak a peek beyond the assembly process and study all the real-life applications of the Pendulum through the AR-experience that is provided by the UGears STEM Lab app. Simply point towards the puzzle with your phone or tablet. You will see how this mechanism is used in various machines, as well as zoom in and watch it operate from different angles.

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