Ultimate Putty Challenge

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Ages: 8+

Stretch it, roll it, make it into shapes, and more! Includes four exclusive Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty colors. 2-4 Players

As kids stretch, twist, tear, roll, and build with the putty, they will improve their fine motor skills by improving finger manipulation. The putty provides resistance which helps strengthen the arches of the hands. The putty provides strong visual and tactile input which helps children improve their sensory processing skills. In addition, the putty can be used as a fidget toy, helping kids maintain focus and good behavior in social situations.

Key Features: 

  • For the putty-obsessed kid

  • Great for family game nights

Educational Aspects:

  • Work on fine motor development while sculpting and molding the putty

  • Promotes creative thinking and problem-solving while working through challenges

  • Practice reading, understanding and comprehension skills while reading through challenge cards.

"I love that this game takes favorites like cornhole and skeeball and makes them miniature!" - Leah, Toyologist

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