Ages: 8+

This innovative throw-and-catch set lets you catch the ball with a net in a way that feels like a baseball glove. Then, the ball drops onto the track and you're ready to send it flying with just a quick flick of your wrist, much like a lacrosse stick.

Play a simple game of catch. See how far you can toss. Incorporate it into your favorite sport, or invent a whole new sport.

With the Whippet, active play becomes incredibly innovative!


  • Unique toss-and-catch device that catches like a mitt, throws like a sling
  • Encourages gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, active play, outdoor play
  • Push the levers with your fingers to snap the net around the ball
  • Ball drops from the net onto the track - Flick your wrist to sling it back to your friend
  • Includes two Whippets, foam ball
  • Quality materials and construction - Lasting durability

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