Word Families Flashcards



Ages: 4+

Cat, hat, sat, fat, rat! How many words can your child make with the same ending sound? Hey, they all rhyme! These fun flash cards feature 54 word cards grouped by sound. Your preschool, kindergarten, or first or second grade student will love identifying the colorful pictures with the words, then finding new words with the same sound. Answer choices are on the back of each card. Your child will quickly learn that same-sounding words can have way different meanings with these Word Families Flash Cards.

Fun Features & Big Benefits

  • 54 Word Cards made of thick, glossy cardstock
  • 1 Parent Card with game ideas
  • Word endings, blends, and combination sounds index card
  • Colorful flash card illustrations
  • Easy-to-read, bold, block-style letters
  • Rounded corners for easy sorting
  • Lots of learning for a low price!


  • beginning sounds
  • ending sounds, rhymes
  • blends
  • combinations
  • spelling
  • word-picture recognition
  • eye-hand coordination

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