WOW Pippa's Princess Carriage



Age: 1.5-5

Princess Pippa is getting ready for the ball! Push the pumpkin carriage with realistic clippety-clop sounds as Snowdrop, her magical pull-along horse rushes to get the Princess to the ball. The Fairy Godmother waves her magic wand and transforms Princess Pippa’s dress into a beautiful ball gown which she can admire from all angles in her revolving magic mirror. Will Princess Pippa kiss Francis the Frog and turn him into her Prince? The story unfolds…


1x Princess Carriage                                                                                           1x Removable Princess called Pippa                                                                     1x Removable Fairy Godmother                                                                           1x Removable magical horse called Snowdrop

UPC: 5033491102408

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