WOW Richie Race Car



Age: 18m+

I'm Richie Race Car, the WOW Toys' super-fast race car! Along with my driver, Lewis, I have never lost a race and don't plan to either! On the race track I give no mercy, but off it I am a nice guy who loves to hang with my best buds, The Turbo Twins, Dynamite Daisy and Fireball Frankie! Together, we make up the WOW Toys' racing car section and together, we are an unstoppable racing force! All slow coaches can eat my dust as I speed past to get the number 1 spot! WOW Toys is an award-winning brand of pre-school toys featuring multi-piece play sets with distinguishing vehicles and characters that are durably constructed to stand the test of time. Each character provides young children (ages 12 months to 5 years) with a role-play experience that extends the imagination and keeps developing minds active. Bright colors, exciting sounds, and magical, motorized features and functions are part of a thoughtful and careful design, ensuring a loveable line of toys that will be cherished by children for years to come. Children can mix and match the range of figures and play sets to build fun worlds, making WOW Toys highly collectible. The toys are designed to work together, and all the figures can be used with any play set. WOW Toys meet all global safety standards. They use child-safe paint, contain no small parts or PVC, and are cadmium, phthalate and PAH free. Motorized features and functions are 100% battery-free and built to last. WOW Toys' dedication to safety and extended play value mean the brand is trusted by parents the world over.

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