Ages: 8+

This is a great 2-4 person game that will challenge even the greatest critical thinkers! In Zategy, you want to be the first to get 4 of your color tiles in a row. Think of Connect 4, but without a game board, and more players.

A nice twist to this game that helps separate it from like games is that each player gets 1 white tile to be used at their discretion to help them to victory, or to prevent an opponent from winning the game!

Key Features:

  • This game will easily become the most demanded game in your household to play!

  • This is a great game for ages 7 and up!

  • This game has multiple learning benefits from colors, to critical thinking.

Educational Aspects:

  • Even though this game states 7 and up, this can easily be played with younger kids to help learn their colors
  • This game will also help develop critical thinking and the art of consequences.  

"I’m a champ at this game! Come challenge me in Rochester Hills!" - Jonathan, Rochester Hills Store Leader

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