Thames and Kosmos

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Mega Cyborg HandMega Cyborg Hand
Kids First: Robot FactoryKids First: Robot Factory
Ooze Labs Chemistry StationOoze Labs Chemistry Station
Magic HatMagic Hat
Magic Hat
Magic: Gold EditionMagic: Gold Edition
Groovy Glowing Candy Lab
My Discovery TelescopeMy Discovery Telescope
Massive Erupting VolcanoMassive Erupting Volcano
Gravity Bugs™ - Free-Climbing MicroBotGravity Bugs™ - Free-Climbing MicroBot
Roller Coaster Engineering
Day & Night GlobeDay & Night Globe
Tumbling HedgehogTumbling Hedgehog
Windbots 6-in-1 Wind Powered Machine KitWindbots 6-in-1 Wind Powered Machine Kit
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Incredible Inflatable Aero DancerIncredible Inflatable Aero Dancer
Orbiting Solar SystemOrbiting Solar System
The Thames & Kosmos Gyroscope
Creatto: Shimmer Shark & Ocean PalsCreatto: Shimmer Shark & Ocean Pals
The Thames & Kosmos Plasma Ball
ReBotz: Pogo - The Jammin’ Jumping Robot
Andy: The Code & Play Robot
Lollipop Lab
Lollipop Lab
Creatto: Moonlight Elephant Safari

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