Traffic Cop

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Ages: 5+

Lay out the Crosswalk Mats to build the busy intersection. Then it’s the Traffic Cop’s turn to get everyone across safely. Foam play mats allow for a customized playing area, while the spinner and Yield Challenge cards add new fun to this classic schoolyard game! Contents: 1 Game Spinner Card (with arrow and base), 36 Foam Crosswalk Mats, 27 Yield Cards, 1 Traffic Cop Safety Vest and Instructions. For 2-6 players.

Key Features:

  • Great game for kids and adults to be up and active.

  • Multiple layouts for the game creating endless fun.

Educational Aspects: 

  • This is a very interactive game and helps kids with listening skills, and more!

  • It helps kids understand taking turns.

This is for sure a game I wish I had when I was younger! - Jonathan, Rochester Hills Toyologist

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