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Ages: 5+

**Colors will vary**

Alex's Break Away Ballz and Screw Ballz are recommended for ages 5+. They are sold separately. Our Break Away Ball is the Zombie-saurus Rex, and he's much more than just an undead ball. Yes, you can still throw and catch him like any other ball, but you can also smash him and take him apart - and hey, look inside, it's another surprise ball! Put it back together and keep playing. Looking for something a bit more screwy? Then you'll love Screw Ballz! The two pieces screw into each other to make a round ball that you can toss around. Look closely at the scary, screwy faces. Both of these balls are ugly inside and out and that's the point. These are weird, gross and irreverent, but you can also have a fun game of catch with them. So break away from the traditional balls and get a little screwy! 

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